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The much waited Zombie Event Mode is out now on PUBG Mobile. The current PUBG Update delivered some thrilling features and also introduced a new event model.

As exciting because it sounds, the new PUBG Mobile Event Mode is tough and you need to use all your skills to “Survive Till Dawn.”

But each Pubg zombie mode player desires to win the brand new occasion mode. So, therefore, here’s a whole PUBG Guide on how to survive the night and stamp your authority on Zombies


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Just like different modes, touchdown spots play a critical position at the same time as competing inside the “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn” mode. The best choice here would be to land at populated spots on the Map. Populated locations like Pochinki would have extra gamers which would help you kill zombies.

Vehicles are an underrated method in the zombie mode. You will need two things to execute this approach – cars and a residence (preferably two-story constructing). Use the automobile to block the doorway to the building. This will save you the zombies from entering the building buying you sufficient time to the fireplace and maintain them off till sunrise.

While you’re fighting the night time away and killing anybody that comes your way, bear in mind to look out for large zombie bosses. Killing them will provide you with a higher loot. Legends say that they sometimes come up with an 8X. Once sunrise comes upon us if you continue to exist that is, pick up what the zombies have left behind. With weapons, bullets, and melee on provide, load up for the following ambush waiting to take place at dark.

Pick a building with a natural choke factor such as a staircase to keep a secure distance from the zombies for you to take them out. Defend your role and this tactic ought to purchase you valuable seconds to take away the enemies Zombies with a purpose to seem on the second one night would be greater difficult to cope with than the primary one. Try and stock up with all forms of zombie repellents available.


After you’re finished preventing the demons on the first nighttime heal up and put together to run towards the center of the map. Spend the second one night strolling as the Zombies are difficult and difficult to combat. Switch locations to locate different players and kill them while it is dawn. The barrage gained’t stop until other players at the map are removed.

Just like other modes, landing spots play a vital role even as competing in the “Zombie: Survive Till Dawn” mode. The nice option here might be to land at populated spots on the Map. Populated places like Pochinki would have more gamers which could assist you to kill zombies.

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